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Telemakus LLC manufactactures Low Cost, USB controlled RF Test Instruments, My Test Instruments, USB Power Sensors, Synthesized Signal GeneratorsTelemakus USB Power Sensors/ Synthesized Signal Generators/ RF Switches/ Digital Attenuators/ Pulse Modulators & Morefax (916) 939-8713









Telemakus offers a wide range of USB controllered test instruments for use in RF and microwave test and prototype development. All compatible with windows XP, Vista 7 or 8

Low Cost Test

Lowest cost of any similar product on the market, performance compares with many products 10 or 100 times the price.

Small Size

  • The size of a typical flash drive and weighing only 1oz
  • Easily carried in your pocket of breifcase
  • Ease of use with all drivers and sofatware availble on an internal flash drive



Craig Walsh CEO